I designed and printed a reduction linocut for American Youth Shakespeare's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is a six color print using three reductive plates. 
The look of the costumes for this play were planned as a colorful fantasia, and I wanted the poster to have that kind of vibrancy. One of the inspirations was the spectacular liquid light show I enjoyed at a concert in San Francisco:
The other inspiration was 60's era Psychedelic posters. One work in particular provided the layered trichromatic technique, along with the concept of weaving faces into the design: this Canned Heat poster by Lee Conklin:
Taking into consideration that AYS is a theatre group of actors ages 7-21, I needed to aim for a family-friendly design. The play features a flower that drips a magical liquid on the eyes of sleeping characters in the play, causing them to fall in love on what they first see when they awake. The sleeping faces nestle within the enchanted flower in my design.
Each layer was carefully planned, carved and printed. 
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