I have been working with modular origami, and had made some Kusudama. I wanted to see if I could create an overall rainbow design that would blend freely over the shape by painting each module individually in Procreate and printing onto origami paper. 
I folded and assembled the Kusudama, a model by Tomoko Fuse called the Star Sea. I painted the shape with watercolor and numbered the twelve faces. I disassembled it and used each square as the model for digital reproduction. In Procreate, I created a line drawing of the folded areas, and added 30 layers. I painted and numbered each, and laser printed them onto 10" Tant origami paper. I sprayed each with workable fixative.
I carefully assembled the model, adding a rainbow ombre ribbon before closing it, and touched up the color along the folded edges with colored pencils. I am now able to print additional sets of paper and make duplicates of this model in different sizes. 
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